Organic Free Range Turkey


The Gathering Place Co-op turkeys are organic, free range and ethically raised.


Get your Thanksgiving Turkey Today.


Choice of 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, or 9 kg

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Sherry Horvath, Turkey grower :

“Our turkey poult’s arrive at our Post Office the day after they hatch. They require a very warm environment in their early days so go into their new home which is heated to about 100 degrees.

Our farm-made feed ration is provided free choice to assure they can always eat when they wish to.  As they grow, heat is lowered and in about eight weeks they are ready to move outdoors to green pastures.  Once they are past their very vulnerable early days, they are strong and quickly adapt to outdoor living with shelters for their protection in inclement weather.

Each day as we take them their feed, they come running to greet us and will happily run along behind us around and around their pasture if we have the time to entertain them.

It’s quite a sight to see! At about sixteen weeks, they go for processing – with weights ranging from 5-10 kg’s.

The processing plant is a one hour drive from our farm and our turkeys are the first flock of the day worked on due to our organic status.
Turkeys raised on untreated grains, green pasture, fresh air, sunshine and lots of space to forage have comfortable lives and in turn bless us with the most flavourful, moist and nourishing meat.

Organic Feed costs and lots of daily labour make costs higher then conventionally raised barn birds. We are grateful that our repeat customers -and new ones yearly- recognize and appreciate the end result and the fact that the birds were treated with respect and raised in a natural environment.”

Organic Free Range Turkey

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